Anabolic diet pre workout meal

Thanks for the reply, I’m struggling with the fact that you labeled maltodextrin as “junk” (I agree because it is highly processed junk) then justify it as a necessary ingredient. In my most humble opinion, all the other efforts to obtain a pure ingredients are rendered useless once maltodextrin is added. Irregardless of the amount an no matter which way you cut it maltodextrin is junk. I would take your product if that was removed as an active ingredient. With that stuff in there your protein is no different than any other supplement companies protein.

Thanks for this post, Matt! What kind of timing do you recommend before a race like a half marathon? I ran VCM on Sunday (I think I might’ve spotted you there last year!). I had some banana and PB like an hour before. It is not the first time I’ve done that, but anyway I ended up with really bad cramping, had to stuff a pile of tums onboard right before the race and had a really tough run. I mean, I clearly had a bug or something, but I want to be like extra careful next time. Hoping to make up for it in Ithaca in June. Any advice? I’m thinking of running on empty. I usually make a little homemade chia gel that I start to sip at mile 5. (I’m vegan, too!)

Anabolic diet pre workout meal

anabolic diet pre workout meal


anabolic diet pre workout mealanabolic diet pre workout mealanabolic diet pre workout mealanabolic diet pre workout mealanabolic diet pre workout meal