Anabolic fasting definition

I personally suspect that fasting means what it says: – not DIETING. FASTING = NOT EATING. To me, that means ANY calorie intake whatsoever during a ‘fast’. Otherwise you are turning ‘fast’ into a ‘diet’. It’s seems that is very hard for some people to get one’s head around NOT EATING. Apparently, for centuries, we all have been ‘programmed’ to EAT, EAT, EAT. Fasting, to me is a form of ‘controlled eating’, which translates into a health exercise – NOT starvation or self abnegation.

hey ali, been following ur blog for sometime now. have to say it is one of the best out there. congrats, great job done! wanted ur opinion on a quick thing. am in the process of a body recomp, trying to cut fat & put on muscle at the same time. doing IF on 3 cutting days, eating below maintenance calories, adding a quick HIIT sprint routine. on 3 bulking days – doing a 14 hour IF instead of 16 hrs, no cardio, strength training, + eating above maintenance calories and proteins. focusing on compound movements in the strength training (low reps high weight). how does this look to you? the progress is painfully slow. extremely slow results. but 2 months into it now & can see fat getting cut and muscle getting added. what would u change in this?

Anabolic fasting definition

anabolic fasting definition


anabolic fasting definitionanabolic fasting definitionanabolic fasting definitionanabolic fasting definitionanabolic fasting definition