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Sometimes it’s tempting to use webkit’s drawing features, like -webkit-gradient, when it’s not actually necessary - maintaining images and dealing with Photoshop and drawing tools can be a hassle. However, using CSS for those tasks moves that hassle from the designer’s computer to the target’s CPU. Gradients, shadows, and other decorations in CSS should be used only when necessary (. when the shape is dynamic based on the content) - **otherwise, static images are always faster**. On very low-end platforms, it’s even advised to use static images for some of the text if possible.

April 8, 2008 - iPhone OS Beta 3 is released to the same set of developers. Lee Barney begins development of QuickConnect for the iPhone as a hybrid application framework. This is the first iPhone SDK release that included the UIWebView component. This component allows applications to display HTML and CSS pages and run JavaScript. No database support was included at this time. QuickConnect for the iPhone development began. It was a port and partial re-write of the earlier QuickConnectJavaScript framework that had been made available in March of the same year.

Appgyver steroids redirect

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