I just finished reading DOG ON IT & enjoyed it immensely. I am going to look for the other four books in the series in the very near future & either buy them at my local bookstores or download them on my NOOK. Having received the first of the Chet & Bernie mystery books recently from my paternal aunt as a birthday present, I was very quickly captivated by the camraderie that exists between Chet & Bernie Little & how they work so well together in solving crimes. This series is the best I’ve read in a long time, & I’m sure that I will enjoy THEREBY HANGS A TAIL, TO FETCH A THIEF, THE DOG WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, & A FISTFUL OF COLLARS when I get them as much as I enjoyed DOG ON IT.

Fitness Pharm , Fit Pharm via Facebook pages and listed on Steroid Sources facebook pages are scammers. Just lost $505 via WU sent to Kiev, UK. Fit/Fitness Pharm says they are based out of CA, Los Angeles. I ran several scans via and and their numbers are found everywhere…. indiana, to corte madera, to LA, to etc. These guys are a joke. Scammers. and FYI $969 to insure illegal substances via the fake shipment company “Atlanta Global Logistics”. Researched shipping company to. They don’t exist. And I am not the only one I found to report being scammed by this shipping company as well. It appears these guys are hiding behind proxies and using TextMail.