Epidural steroid injection pictures

Corticosteroid side effects may cause weight gain, water retention, flushing (hot flashes), mood swings or insomnia, and elevated blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Any numbness or mild muscle weakness usually resolves within 8 hours in the affected arm or leg (similar to the facial numbness experienced after dental work). Patients who are being treated for chronic conditions (., heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis) or those who cannot temporarily discontinue anti-clotting medications should consult their personal physician for a risk assessment.

Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections involve injecting a steroid into the epidural space of the cervical spinal canal where irritated nerve roots are located. The injected medications include both a long-lasting steroid and a local anesthetic (Lidocaine, Bupivacaine).
The steroid reduces inflammation and irritation, while the anesthetic interrupts the pain-spasm cycle and nociceptor transmission (Boswell 2007). The medicines spread to the most painful levels of the spine, reducing inflammation and irritation. The entire procedure usually takes less than 15 minutes.

Participants represented urban (23%) and rural (77%) practices; as well as office/clinic (31%) hospital (62%) and mixed (7%) practice settings. Both Masters (62%) and Doctoral prepared (38%) CRNAs participated. Their experience in performing fluoroscopic guided LESIs ranged from 1 to 17 years and 50 to 12,000 procedures. Rate of occurrence for each complication was below 1%. Participants had higher rates of bruising and vasovagal reactions than other complications. No paralysis or death occurred. Neither practice setting nor experience level was related to complication rates. Participants expressed interest in participating in additional studies of complication rates.

Epidural steroid injection pictures

epidural steroid injection pictures


epidural steroid injection picturesepidural steroid injection picturesepidural steroid injection picturesepidural steroid injection picturesepidural steroid injection pictures