Fast muscle growth steroids

Sorry Chad to hijack this thread only I dont know where to post general questions to you. I read a recent short article by yourself in which you state that most people dont get the best use out of common or garden push ups. You said that there should be emphasis on drawing your hands together as you push yourself up. Could this method be used on the bench press? I hardly get anything from benching as far as chest development so could I do it the way you highlight in your push ups article by using lateral force in an attempt to push the hands together? What about using a tribar? I think benching with a tribar while trying to force your hands together seems a little better body mechanically. What are your thoughts?

Ever watched a Strongman competition on TV? They start with large men picking something even larger up off the ground. That’s a deadlift — the most basic and practical of all strength-building movements. Now, have you ever watched a Strongman competition with your wife or girlfriend? She’ll notice something you probably wouldn’t: Not a single one of those guys has a flat ass. So pull up a barbell: You’ll be able to perform everyday feats of strength — lifting a sleeping child or a dying TV — and you’ll look a lot better when she follows you upstairs to the bedroom.

Fast muscle growth steroids

fast muscle growth steroids


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