How to get big muscles without using steroids

Efforts to improve our health at the policy and government level seem almost hopeless. And one needs no more of an example than the previous administration’s efforts. Despite the dramatic last sentence of this article, the very fact is politicians will continue to dress up their efforts at doing the right thing at the expense of our health. In what way were Michele Obama’s childhood obesity programs “successful?” Haven’t overall rates of childhood obesity continued to climb (unless we wish to cherry pick statistics)? How does emphasizing a reduction of “calories” on packaged food encourage people to eat less packaged foods (on the contrary, it may encourage them to eat more under the illusion that somehow they are “healthier”)? Isn’t congratulating fast food companies for offering some low fat milk and apples downright comical? And doesn’t “Let’s move!” dramatically shift the conversation that really needs to happen? Watering down messages is often the worst way to address an issue, nor does it successfully encourage people to do what you want them to do, as you have pointed out in several videos as I recall (sorta like telling people to eat 5 vegetables because we know they won’t eat 10 anyway; we know those efforts didn’t quite work out). Ultimately, consumers need to vote with their wallets. No easy feat, I know … hard to make big sugar and big food smaller when too many continue to buy products that feed their bigness. But that at least is one small step we can take rather than waiting for policy makers who will always succumb to big interests.

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Far too many guys fail to realize that lifting is actually a catabolic activity - meaning it breaks down muscle fibers as opposed to building them up. Lifting serves as a stimulus to build more muscle during your recovery bouts between sessions. In other words, what you do between your workouts has a far larger impact than your actual time spent in the gym. Poor nutrition and improper sleep patterns can sabotage the best workout plan. Rather than obsessing over your workout details, stick with a basic plan that works. Focus the rest of your energy on all of the factors that occur between gym visits.

How to get big muscles without using steroids

how to get big muscles without using steroids


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