How to maximize gains while on steroids

10. Don't skip stretching.
Stretching keeps your muscles flexible, helping to prepare them for exercise and recover from the effort afterward. Skip the stretches, and you won't get nearly the benefits you should from aerobic exercise and resistance training. "Stretching helps you move freely during aerobic exercise, it enables your muscles to build more strength during weight training, and it helps keep muscles long and lean," says Sharon Willett, a physical therapist and sports trainer at the Virginia Sportsmedicine Institute in Arlington, Virginia. (Get started with these 3 feel-good stretches .)

Now, to truly see the benefits of cheating, Lana suggests fasting beforehand. But, she stresses, the word "fasting" has many meanings. You can just drink liquids, eat very few calories, or not eat anything at all. The most important thing to keep in mind is making a calorie deficit. “For those who eat at a slight caloric deficit for majority of the week, then throw in a fasting day right before they cheat, they see a huge drop in weight and body fat," Lana says. "However, if they eat a relatively high number of calories, but stay regimented in their diet and take in few carbs, then the cheat will not work as well due to the lack of change in leptin levels." That's why low-calorie diets and chronic exercise often result in increased ghrelin concentrations, which may lead to increased food intake and body weight.

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How to maximize gains while on steroids

how to maximize gains while on steroids


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