Ivan drago steroids

Ivan Drago is an Olympic gold medalist and an amateur boxing champion from the Soviet Union, who had an amateur record of 100-1-0 Wins (100 KO). He is billed at 6 ft 5 in (196 cm) and 261 pounds (118 kg, over 18 ½ stone). He wields a punch yielding over 2000 psi, whereas the average psi for a boxer is 700psi. He is also an infantry Captain in the Soviet Army and as seen on his chest, is a recipient of the Hero of the Soviet Union award. Drago is carefully fitted and trained to be the consummate fighter. His heart rate and punching power are constantly measured via computers during his workouts. Drago is seen receiving intramuscular injections in the movie, implied to be anabolic steroids, though the actual nature of the injected solution is never explicitly stated.

He seems to be a very pitiless and cold-hearted person, as shown when he comments on Apollo's death: "If he dies, he dies!", feeling little to no remorse for his actions. Drago is also remembered for saying "I must break you." to Rocky Balboa immediately before the match begins. Drago seems to be fighting for his country (as the Soviet officials indicate), but as one of his promoters starts yelling at him in the fourteenth round for not fulfilling expectations, Drago angrily lifted the promoter by the neck, and threw him into the crowd, exclaiming; "I fight for me! FOR ME!".

It’s hard to believe that the late Dennis Hopper’s career was once in the doldrums, but in the early Eighties he prioritised his cocaine habit over work. His role as obscenity-screaming, sado-masochistic underworld boss Booth in David Lynch’s surreal film noir revived his fortunes and made Hopper the go-to bad guy for a new generation. Other actors considered for the part of Booth felt that the character was too deranged and disturbed, but Hopper reportedly said: “I’ve got to play Frank, because I am Frank.”

Ivan drago steroids

ivan drago steroids


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