Overeem failed steroid test

As for the hypocrisy of media coverage on Alistair Overeem, it is funny to see the media “boycott” interviewing him because he won’t answer steroids question at this time. Why? He’s already been convicted guilty in the court of fan opinion — and part of that opinion is based on fighters and no-name trainers and people in the business who throw out steroid accusations but don’t get challenged in the media for making such claims. If there’s no punishment for making the steroid accusations, then of course the “s” word is going to thrown around. The MMA media is almost applying a libel law in which the person accused of doing something has to prove their innocence first rather than the accuser having to bring evidence to back up their claims in the media.

Overeem failed steroid test

overeem failed steroid test


overeem failed steroid testovereem failed steroid test