Pityriasis rosea treatment steroids

Most of the time pityriasis rosea will resolve on its own without any treatment within eight to ten weeks but there are some treatments that can be done to help make you feel more comfortable. In stage two your dermatologist may give you some creams to help soothe the symptoms, especially the itchiness. Your dermatologist may have you use over-the-counter or give you a prescription for topical steroid creams like hydrocortisone cream and anti-itch medications like calamine lotion. Soaking in a soothing oatmeal bath can also help with not only the itching but can also lift away the dead skin. You should keep from scratching or picking at the areas because this can cause your skin to open up and create lesions where you can let bacteria into your body. It can also lead to scars developing. Do not use soap that contains alcohol because these can dry out your skin.

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    Diagnosis is usually made by a dermatologist, a physician with special training in skin diseases. Pityriasis rosea usually affects the back, neck, chest, abdomen, upper arms, and legs. The rash may differ from person to person, making the diagnosis more difficult. The numbers and sizes of the spots can also vary and occasionally the rash can be found in an unusual location, such as the lower body or on the face. Fungus infections, like ringworm, may resemble this rash. Reactions to certain medications, such as antibiotics, "water pills" and heart medications can also look the same as pityriasis rosea.

    Pityriasis rosea treatment steroids

    pityriasis rosea treatment steroids


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