Pulse steroids sepsis

Every hour of delay can increase mortality by %, and time to antibiotic initiation has been shown to be the strongest predictor of patient outcome ! 19,20 In a Canadian study involving patients with meningitis, a delay of antibiotics by 6 hours increased mortality 8 fold. 21 Factors involved in antibiotic selection include assessment of the likely source, host/patient factors, and local antibiotic resistance patterns (consulting the local antibiogram is essential). Gram-positive infections account for over 50% of cases, with gram-negative accounting for approximately 35%. The important aspect is covering for suspected organisms. If the patient is unresponsive, evaluate the antibiotic regimen and ensure you have adequate coverage. Broadening antibiotics early is better than too narrow of coverage. 21,22

Pulse steroids sepsis

pulse steroids sepsis


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