Steroid shots for cat allergies

As a last resort, if you just absolutely cannot medicate your cat, and this is a medication your cat needs, we still have a few options.  If you can bring your cat into the clinic daily, we can medicate your cat for you, and we do not charge for that service, you just need to get your cat into the clinic.  If you cannot get your cat into the clinic, then we may be able to give you a recommendation of someone that can come to your home daily to medicate your cat for you.  You will have to pay for this service though, and it will not be through the clinic.  Or, if your cat is on a short term medication, you can board your cat with us for however long they need the medication and we will medicate them daily.

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Steroid shots for cat allergies

steroid shots for cat allergies


steroid shots for cat allergiessteroid shots for cat allergiessteroid shots for cat allergiessteroid shots for cat allergiessteroid shots for cat allergies