Thyroid problems after steroids

Therapy for hypothyroidism is monitored at approximately six week intervals until stable. During these visits, a blood sample is checked for TSH to determine if the appropriate amount of thyroid replacement is being given. The goal is to maintain the TSH within normal limits. Depending on the lab used, the absolute values may vary, but in general, a normal TSH range is between to /ml. Once stable, the TSH can be checked yearly. Over-treating hypothyroidism with excessive thyroid medication is potentially harmful and can cause problems with heart palpitations and blood pressure control and can also contribute to osteoporosis . Every effort should be made to keep the TSH within the normal range.

Thyroid hormone is critical for brain development in the baby. Children born with congenital hypothyroidism (no thyroid function at birth) can have severe cognitive, neurological and developmental abnormalities if the condition is not recognized and treated promptly. These developmental abnormalities can largely be prevented if the disease is recognized and treated immediately after birth. Consequently, all newborn babies in the United States are screened for congenital hypothyroidism so they can be treated with thyroid hormone replacement therapy as soon as possible.

Hyperthyroidism is a disorder in which your thyroid gland produces a level of thyroid hormones that is too high. (It is also known as overactive thyroid and thyrotoxicosis.)  Hyperthyroidism can speed up your body’s metabolism, causing a wide range of symptoms such as increased sweating and irregular heartbeat. But older adults may also develop a form of hyperthyroidism known as apathetic thyrotoxicosis, which causes many symptoms similar to  hypo thyroidism (when your thyroid gland produces too few thyroid hormones).  

Thyroid problems after steroids

thyroid problems after steroids


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