Trenbolone acetate cattle

• Many independent ranchers and farmers don’t use artificial hormones on their animals. By purchasing your milk and meat from local, sustainable farms, you are supporting a system that ensures the health and welfare of the farm animals, and protects you and your family from hormone-related health risks.
• Choose hormone-free beef and rBGH-free dairy products at the supermarket. Foods that carry the “USDA-certified organic”   G  label cannot come from animals given any artificial hormones. When purchasing sustainably raised foods without the "organic" label, be sure to check with the farmer to ensure no hormones were administered.

From a cattleman's perspective, I would like to add to your timely article that besides the benefits that would come to the environment from stopping the use of pharmaceutical growth promoters in cattle, we would also have a more tender product to market. An under-reported side effect of the use of growth stimulants is about a 25 percent increase in toughness of the meat. If the beef industry would eliminate growth-enhancing drugs, our market would expand. Many producers have calculated, as I have, that this increased demand for beef would more than make up economically for less weight gain by untreated cattle.

Trenbolone acetate cattle

trenbolone acetate cattle


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